From Anxiety to Peace

Psalm 94:19

“When anxiety was great within me,

your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

When we are overwhelmed with anxiety, and even panic attack, nothing releases it from the root, except the peace in Jesus Christ. The world, the flesh, they bring anxiety, but the Lord, our Savior, He brings peace. He comforts us in Spirit, and clams down the storm in our soul, raising our eyes from the waves in the sea to the heaven above, where His throne is established forever, and His love draws our hearts to Him in trust and in hope, encouraging us to loosen our grip on the things that we hold dear in life, and raise our hands toward Him in joy. There, He reigns in us, and peace comes.

3 thoughts on “From Anxiety to Peace

    1. oneaudienceblog

      I am sorry to hear that dear! Would you speak your struggles to the Lord and ask for His comfort and peace to come into your heart?
      – Father, thank you for leading my dear friend to read this post and think more heavenward thoughts. Would you come and reign in her heart, releasing the power from Jesus Christ into her life, to help her see her struggles from your perspective, and give her strength and wisdom to deal with the things that have brought her so much pain and anxiety? Have mercy over her, Lord, and may your consolation bring joy to her soul, restoring her spirit to be united with Jesus, her Savior and Comforter. Amen!

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